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Fotograf Lorentsen
Viborgvej 33 - DK 8000 Aarhus C
Tlf. 86 12 88 12

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Who and where?

We are Lorentsen Photography; we have a studio in Aarhus near "The Old Town" in Denmark.
We also do portraits, photos of wedding, confirmation, graduation, commercial photos, press photos and a lot of other things.
Visit and have a look at the other things we do.

See you!

Lorentsen, Photographer

Lorentsen, Photographer


Right Now
We need models on the sites, so if you are a girl with a beautiful figure and feel like playing model, we have a special offer for you.

Send us an e-mail including a photo, and we will contact you.

The fee will be photos for personal use.

Use this when you send us a photo.




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Welcome to "FotoStrip" our new site of inspiration
on the web. 

The site is made for girls in need of an exciting idea for a present, a bachelor's party photo that could later become a morning gift for the bridegroom, or just some pictures for yourself.



Bronze Winner
Colour Art Photo International Competition 2002
"My Best Portrait"



Gold Medal
The Danish Colour Art Photo
2002 "Contrasts"



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